How to Login to IRCTC Website

The IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is a part of the Indian Railways which provides an online platform for booking train tickets. The IRCTC login also offers various other services like caters food in railway stations and in running trains.

IRCTC Services

Over the years IRCTC has advanced a lot and focused on providing better services to its passengers. Take a look at the services that IRCTC offering:
  • PNR Status: Check whether the wait list train tickets or confirmed or not.
  • Ticket and Hotels Booking: Passengers can sign in to the irctc login page and can book hotels, trains and flights.
  • Agent booking: Franchise option provided by the IRCTC. Agents can register to the irctc login page and can do bulk ticket booking.
  • Ecatering: Advance booking of food
  • IRCTC Tourism: Special packages for tourists.

Spot Your Train

Passengers can track the location of a live running train using the spot your train feature. This service initially known as the train enquiry and later changed to spot your train by the Indian Railways. One can track the location of train at spot your train. Enter the train number and the station for checking the train runnng status.

PNR Status

Passengers who are login to the IRCTC website can check for the pnr status of their ticket. The only problem in checking status in irctc site is that passengers have to frequently login to the irctc site. Passengers can check the pnr status without login and filling captcha in irctcweb. Alternatively, passengers can also check the pnr status at indianrail by filling the captcha. IRCTCWEB also provides checking of the pnr status without sign-in.

Tickets and Hotels Booking

Passengers can book train, flight tickets and hotel booking online on IRCTC. To book a ticket login into Irctc website (IRCTC Login Page - ). IRCTC offers booking of E-Ticket and I-Ticket for trains. In an E-Ticket, passengers can carry the printout of the ticket or sms received on their mobile for traveling in Train. In case of I-Ticket, Irctc sends the train ticket through post mail which needs to be carried by the passengers when traveling. Irctc also offering cash on delivery for I-Tickets. Passengers can now only book one ticket per session. If passengers want to book another ticket, they need to login to irctc site again. However passengers can book a return ticket in the same irctc login session.
  • Tatkal booking: Passengers who plans their journey in a short notice, can book train tickets under tatkal scheme. AC tatkal ticket booking starts daily at 10:00 am and sleeper tatkal booking starts at 11:00 am. passengers has to book the tatkal ticket one day prior to their journey.
  • Premium Tatkal: In this scheme, 50% of the tatkal tickets are sold on dynamic pricing (increase of price up to 50%). Lower berths are guaranteed in premium tatkal. Irctc is planning to start booking of premium tickets from 8:00 AM on wards.
irctc login

Agent Booking

Irctc provides agent Irctc login, where agents can book train tickets for passengers. However agents cannot book train tickets during tatkal booking hours.Passengers need to pay extra Rs.10 and service charges for booking tickets through agents.

IRCTC Ecatering

Under Ecatering service, passengers book the meals in advance. They can book food of their own choice from a list of restaurants. Only passengers whose tickets are confirmed can only order food under Ecatering. Currently this service is offered only in 100 trains.

IRCTC Tourism

IRctc Tourism offers booking of attractive tourist packages in its online website, Tourists can avail the special packages on holidays for booking pilgrim special trains, hotels and flights.

IRCTC Updates

Here is a list of updates on IRCTC:

  • IRCTC doubled its server configuration to reduce the load on the site and to make ticket booking faster
  • IRCTC changed tatkal timings as mentioned above.
  • IRCTC updated its captcha. Now you will see a strike on the letters when signing into the site.
  • IRCTC next-generation website which is lite weight and fast. 

Indian Railway

Indian Railways is one of the largest network in the Asia operated by the Indian Government. Indian Railway offers wide range of services to its passengers.

Indian Railway Services

Take a look at some of the core services offered by the Indian Railways:
  • Ticket Booking : Book Tickets in Irctc or at station counters.
  • PNR Status : Check the confirmation status of train ticket.
  • Train Schedule : Know the schedule of the train
  • Train Running status : Get the real time location of the running train
  • Berth Availability : Number of seats availability in train
  • Fare Enquiry : Know the Train ticket charges

Ticket Booking

Passengers can book train tickets at railway counters or online through IRCTC website. Recently Indian Railways and IRCTC extended the advance booking of train tickets to 4 months. Passengers who plans their journey in a short notice can book train tickets just before one day of travel through tatkal booking.

PNR Status

Indian railways assigns a unique 10 digit number to each train ticket at the time of ticket booking. Passengers whose tickets are in waiting list or not confirmed can check the status of the ticket online.

Train Schedule

The train schedule feature shows the train arrival and departure time at each station. Passengers just need to enter the 5 digit train number to get the train schedule. An advance option is available where passengers can get the list of trains between two stations and then can check the train schedule.

Train Running Status

This is a cool feature launched by the Indian Railways in 2014. Passengers can enquiry for the live status of the train online and can details like last departed railway station and Delay time.

Berth Availability

Using either Indian Railway or IRCTC online sites, passengers can know how many seats are available in train for each type of the coach (second class, AC )

Fare Enquiry

This is another service where one can know the train fare and any concession available. The Indian Railway offers concessions health patients, professional artists, arjuna awardees, Military persons and more. Check Indian railways official site for more details.

PNR Status

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) is first used by the airlines to track the information of a passenger or group of passengers travelling together. Later all the travel industries including the Indian Railways followed the same process for recording the passenger details in the computer system. Let see how the PNR is used in the Indian Railways.

Indian Railway PNR Status

When a passenger books a ticket either in railway station or in online through IRCTC, the Indian railways assigns a unique 10 digit PNR number to the ticket. By using this PNR Number, both the passengers and the Indian railways can know the travel itinerary details and the confirmation status of the ticket. After a week of journey date, the Indian railways flushes the PNR from its computer database.

Check PNR Status

How to check the PNR status? There are different ways one can check pnr status. 1. Just enter the 10 digit pnr number in the above form and then click on Get Status button. 2. Send an sms to 5888 with PNR number as text message. 3. Call 139 and follow the instructions for checking the pnr number. The best and fastest way is to check the status online.

IRCTC PNR Status Codes

A ticket PNR Status can change at any point of time till the charting is done. Even a status of a confirmed can also changes. However there is a less chance for this. There are different types of PNR Status codes which are listed below:

Confirmed: The status of the ticket is conformed. Passenger can travel happily in the assigned berth (CNF)
Pooled Quota Waiting list: Special waiting list. Tickets booked at intermediate stations can get this type of waiting list (PQWL). Avoid booking of ticket with this status.
Remote Location waiting List: Assigned to tickets booked at remote locations (RLWL).
General Waiting List: Prefer booking tickets in GNWL when compared to other waiting lists.
Waiting list number (WL)
Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)
REGRET: Ticket booking is not allowed.
R# #RAC: Coach number and berth number
RELEASED Ticket: Alternate travelling facility is provided.
CAN / MOD: Ticket is either cancelled or assigned to another passenger.

Tips: Do not book ticket, if you know the status of the ticket is going to be either PQWL or RLWL. If its an emergency, you still want to travel, then book the ticket from the source station as the ticket status will fall into GNWL and there is high chances for confirmation.

Train Schedule

Indian Railways runs nearly 15000 trains across the country and has nearly 8000 railway stations. Passengers who are planning to travel in the train should know the schedule of the train. Use the following form to get the train schedule and train running status of Indian Railways. A complete list of train names and their numbers are available on trains list page.

Rail Timings

Passengers can know the following information from the train schedule:

  • Train Number: A unique 5 digit number of the train. Passenger has to enter this number in the above form to get the train timings.
  • Train Name: The name of the specified train.
  • Source station: Name of the originating station from where the train starts.
  • Destination Station: The last stop of the train.
  • Intermediate stations: A list of railway stations where the train halts.
  • Arrival Time: Expected time of the train at the railway station.
  • Departure Time: Expected time when the train departures the station.
  • Distance: Number of kilometers from the source station to the intermediate station.
  • Station code: 3 to 4 character code representation of the station
  • Runs On: On what days the train runs.

Indian Railway Facts

Know some of the unknown facts about Indian railways. Indian railways started its first train on 16-Apr-1853 between Mumbai and Thane.

  • Khargpur railway station has the longest platform in the world which is of length 2,733 ft.
  • The number of employees in Indian railways are nearly 1.7 million
  • Indian railway has about 64,000 kms of track.
  • Siliguri railway station is the one which has all the three Gauges.
  • The coaches of train are manufactures in Bangalore, Kapurthala and Chennai.
  • The national Rail Museum at New Delhi was set-up in 1977

There are still many unknown facts about the IR. Interested passengers can find them in the wikipedia.

Train Running Status

The National train running status or train enquiry system (NTES) is a service offered by the Indian Railways for checking the live location of a running train. One should note that the live location means, the last known railway station that the train has crossed. Currently, there is no way to know the exact position of the running train. May be in future, Indian railways might fit a GPS tracking devices on trains or use some other technique to know the live position of the train.

Train Enquiry

To know the live train running status of a train, just enter the 5 digit train number in the above text box and then click on the train enquiry button. Upon inquiring for the train location, we will get the following information about the train:

  • Train Name: Name of the running train.
  • Station: Name of the station, that you queried for.
  • Date: Travelling Date.
  • Sch. Arrival: Date and time when the train is going to reach the station.
  • Exp. Arrival: Expected date and time of the train. If it is not available, then this will shown as Waiting for update.
  • Delay Arrival: How much time the train will be delayed.
  • Sch. Departure: Scheduled time, the train is going to leave the station
  • Act. Departure: Expected time, the train will depart from the station
  • Last Location: last known position of the train. And also provides how much dealy the train is running now.

Train Running status Mobile Apps

Smart phone users can now directly check the train running status on their mobile phone. Passengers can install the NTES mobile app from the play store and can query for the train enquiry. First enter the 5 digit train number and then select the station. It will show how much time, the train will take to reach the selected station. Indian railways has launched similar apps for IOS and windows for checking the current train running status.