PNR Status

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) is first used by the airlines to track the information of a passenger or group of passengers travelling together. Later all the travel industries including the Indian Railways followed the same process for recording the passenger details in the computer system. Let see how the PNR is used in the Indian Railways.

Indian Railway PNR Status

When a passenger books a ticket either in railway station or in online through IRCTC, the Indian railways assigns a unique 10 digit PNR number to the ticket. By using this PNR Number, both the passengers and the Indian railways can know the travel itinerary details and the confirmation status of the ticket. After a week of journey date, the Indian railways flushes the PNR from its computer database.

Check PNR Status

How to check the PNR status? There are different ways one can check pnr status. 1. Just enter the 10 digit pnr number in the above form and then click on Get Status button. 2. Send an sms to 5888 with PNR number as text message. 3. Call 139 and follow the instructions for checking the pnr number. The best and fastest way is to check the status online.

IRCTC PNR Status Codes

A ticket PNR Status can change at any point of time till the charting is done. Even a status of a confirmed can also changes. However there is a less chance for this. There are different types of PNR Status codes which are listed below:

Confirmed: The status of the ticket is conformed. Passenger can travel happily in the assigned berth (CNF)
Pooled Quota Waiting list: Special waiting list. Tickets booked at intermediate stations can get this type of waiting list (PQWL). Avoid booking of ticket with this status.
Remote Location waiting List: Assigned to tickets booked at remote locations (RLWL).
General Waiting List: Prefer booking tickets in GNWL when compared to other waiting lists.
Waiting list number (WL)
Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)
REGRET: Ticket booking is not allowed.
R# #RAC: Coach number and berth number
RELEASED Ticket: Alternate travelling facility is provided.
CAN / MOD: Ticket is either cancelled or assigned to another passenger.

Tips: Do not book ticket, if you know the status of the ticket is going to be either PQWL or RLWL. If its an emergency, you still want to travel, then book the ticket from the source station as the ticket status will fall into GNWL and there is high chances for confirmation.


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