Train Running Status

The National train running status or train enquiry system (NTES) is a service offered by the Indian Railways for checking the live location of a running train. One should note that the live location means, the last known railway station that the train has crossed. Currently, there is no way to know the exact position of the running train. May be in future, Indian railways might fit a GPS tracking devices on trains or use some other technique to know the live position of the train.

Train Enquiry

To know the live train running status of a train, just enter the 5 digit train number in the above text box and then click on the train enquiry button. Upon inquiring for the train location, we will get the following information about the train:

  • Train Name: Name of the running train.
  • Station: Name of the station, that you queried for.
  • Date: Travelling Date.
  • Sch. Arrival: Date and time when the train is going to reach the station.
  • Exp. Arrival: Expected date and time of the train. If it is not available, then this will shown as Waiting for update.
  • Delay Arrival: How much time the train will be delayed.
  • Sch. Departure: Scheduled time, the train is going to leave the station
  • Act. Departure: Expected time, the train will depart from the station
  • Last Location: last known position of the train. And also provides how much dealy the train is running now.

Train Running status Mobile Apps

Smart phone users can now directly check the train running status on their mobile phone. Passengers can install the NTES mobile app from the play store and can query for the train enquiry. First enter the 5 digit train number and then select the station. It will show how much time, the train will take to reach the selected station. Indian railways has launched similar apps for IOS and windows for checking the current train running status.

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