Train Schedule

Indian Railways runs nearly 15000 trains across the country and has nearly 8000 railway stations. Passengers who are planning to travel in the train should know the schedule of the train. Use the following form to get the train schedule and train running status of Indian Railways. A complete list of train names and their numbers are available on trains list page.

Rail Timings

Passengers can know the following information from the train schedule:

  • Train Number: A unique 5 digit number of the train. Passenger has to enter this number in the above form to get the train timings.
  • Train Name: The name of the specified train.
  • Source station: Name of the originating station from where the train starts.
  • Destination Station: The last stop of the train.
  • Intermediate stations: A list of railway stations where the train halts.
  • Arrival Time: Expected time of the train at the railway station.
  • Departure Time: Expected time when the train departures the station.
  • Distance: Number of kilometers from the source station to the intermediate station.
  • Station code: 3 to 4 character code representation of the station
  • Runs On: On what days the train runs.

Indian Railway Facts

Know some of the unknown facts about Indian railways. Indian railways started its first train on 16-Apr-1853 between Mumbai and Thane.

  • Khargpur railway station has the longest platform in the world which is of length 2,733 ft.
  • The number of employees in Indian railways are nearly 1.7 million
  • Indian railway has about 64,000 kms of track.
  • Siliguri railway station is the one which has all the three Gauges.
  • The coaches of train are manufactures in Bangalore, Kapurthala and Chennai.
  • The national Rail Museum at New Delhi was set-up in 1977

There are still many unknown facts about the IR. Interested passengers can find them in the wikipedia.

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