About Us

We are freelance developers focused on developing useful web applications which can be easy to use by the end users. With this motive in mind, we developed IRCTCWEB.

Passengers of Indian railways who often find difficulty in checking the PNR Status as they have to solve the captcha. Here in IRCTC WEB, passengers just have to enter the PNR number to get the status. Similarly, we solved many other problems that is there with the Indian Railways and IRCTC. An important point to note that we are not endorsed or partnered with the Indian railways or IRCTC in any manner.

We are a team of 3 members who are technically strong in different subject areas and have aspirations of starting a startup company. We will update this page soon with our future plans. If you have any idea even it is simple, you are always welcome and can share with us.

Any feedback on this website is appreciated and you can reach us at irctcweb[at]gmail(dot)com. You can also use our contact us page for contacting us.

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